Artisan Pizza

The term “artisan” is usually used to define someone who has extensive knowledge and training of a certain craft. When we use this term for food, it means the food is prepared using traditional methods and not machines. All pizzas used to be completely handmade, but as technology and industry became advanced, much of the pizza-making process became computerized to create faster, cheaper pizzas for the masses. This method satisfies the demand, but results in an inferior product. Today we use the term artisan pizza to refer to pizza that’s made fresh, by hand and with care for the process and quality.

The thin crust of the artisan pizza is baked to perfection, covered with a rich tomato sauce, and topped with fresh blobs of mozzarella, herbs, and hearty toppings. One bite of hand-made pizza will definitely fulfil your cravings and leave you coming back for more. Once your order has been placed, a skilled chef takes the time to hand-made the pizza dough and roll a perfectly thin pizza crust. He then adds your choice of cheese and toppings. If given the reigns, your artisan chef can take creative liberties with your pizza and create an entirely unique pizza.

Your chef will also consider which ingredients are in season as well and be able to offer suggestions. The pizza will then be baked in a wood-fired oven until the cheese is nice and bubbling and then, your pizza is done!

Artisan pizza basically starts with a great crust, but what makes a crust artisan? The best pizza chefs know that good crust starts with high-quality, Italian-style flour. Flour is graded on its quality, with Grade 00, or Tipo 00, being the highest quality available and are considered the best for making great pizza crusts.

Flour, water and salt are the basic ingredients of pizza crust, but the crust can be as simple or creative, it usually depends of the chef. And whether the crust is deep, thick and chewy, or thin and crispy, an artisan crust is crafted by hand. Crusts made by hand have a distinctive, delicious flavor that is enhanced even more when baked in a wood fired oven.

The sky is the limit for you and your toppings. Many choices include fresh vegetables like sun-dried tomatoes, mushrooms, peppers, olives, spinach, eggplant, and more. Sprinkle some fresh basil or parsley on top with dabs of tasty mozzarella, feta, or Romano cheese. An artisan pizza can have basic, traditional toppings or something more creative, but it’s the freshness and quality of the ingredients that make a pizza truly artisan. At Crust & Craft, we’ve got pizza toppings to satisfy any craving. You can choose from creative combinations or customize your own blend of delicious artisan pizza toppings.

It seems that you see the word “artisan” coming up more and more on pizza menus across the country these days. Artisan pizza has gained a lot of recognition and became famous. This trend is driven by a consumer desire for better quality ingredients and more handmade items. With so many processed foods overflowing the market, people crave something different and something better.

There is also joy in making and providing good food, and more chefs are interested in crafting pizzas from scratch and using higher quality ingredients. The results are more authentic and taste so much better, so consumers seek out these better-quality pizzas when dining out.