Neapolitan Style Pizza

Neapolitan Style Pizza

Neapolitan Style Pizza

Wondering how to prepare a Neapolitan style pizza?

Once, you have fulfilled the ingredients requirements for a Neapolitan style pizza. Our next step is:

  • Mixing: Preferably, a traditional wooden box called a media is used to hand mix dough if not available, use a mixer. Different water temperatures are used to different types of mixing, something that you should keep in mind. Hand mixing dough does not heat it up too much, so water can be 74F degrees. When using an industrial electric mixer, however, it is important to use cooler water that will not overheat the dough.
  • Kneading: Kneading is a critical step because it enables you to incorporate air in the dough. If done pretty consistently, it should take approximately 5 – 7 minutes during the first knead.
  • Resting: Once the dough is finished being kneaded – it is important to let it rest for 4-5 minutes, that’ll help in combating resilience. After this, it is kneaded for an additional minute or two which makes it elastic and smooth.  After that, the dough is covered and it gets a final rest of 8 hours. After this, the dough is ready to be shaped.
  • Add sauces and toppings: Once you have successfully prepared the Neapolitan style pizza dough, you can add your choice sauces and toppings, just the way you like it.

A good pizza must be seasoned with typical ingredients, essential for the success of the true Neapolitan style pizza.

If you prepared the dough on your own, here is a list of ingredients to season pizza in the simplest yet elegant way:

  • Peeled tomatoes- to be spread on the pizza dough in a circular motion
  • Salt
  • Organic oregano
  • Garlic- Preferably, use a clove without the outer film. And then put in the tomato sauce.
  • Extra virgin olive oil: choose a good, natural one, with all the flavors of the Mediterranean.
  • Mozzarella Cheese – an irresistible soft cheese made from cow milk stretched curd cheese with a soft and creamy filling, made from Stracciatella mixed with cream.

Some facts for the perfect Neapolitan pizza include: The crucial ingredients used to make Neapolitan Pizza must be from the Campania region, in the south of Italy. While using peeled tomatoes for Neapolitan Pizza, they must be drained and crushed by hand for a better consistency. For cheese options, Either Buffalo or mozzarella can be used on Neapolitan Pizza, as long as its provenance is certified. Extra Virgin Olive Oil is a very important ingredient in Neapolitan Pizza. Extra-virgin olive oil must be poured from a thin spout in a spiral motion. It must be added on the pizza before cooking, but some additional oil may also be used after the cooking for extra taste. Neapolitan Pizza must always be cooked directly on the cooking surface of the wood-fired oven without any baking pans. To cook Neapolitan Pizza to perfection, the oven must be a double-dome wood-fired oven and it must reach 485°C (905F°). While lifting one hem of the disk to check on the cooking, the Pizzaiolo cooks the pizza for about 60-90 seconds.

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