Gilan Artisan Pizza

Gilan Artisan Pizza

Gilan Artisan Pizza

For a truly artisan pizza flavor, you need to visit Gilan Pizza & Grill. You are guaranteed the best taste and the healthiest options at this place. Artisan pizzas are handmade fresh, using only the highest quality of ingredients. From the special pizza dough, to the made in house sauces, Artisan Pizzas are made from scratch when ordered.

The Crust:

The one main thing that will make or break your pizza experience is the dough. Artisan pizzas have hand-crafted, gluten-free crusts, perfect for those who have low-carb diet. And not to worry if you’re more into traditional-style crusts either because Gilan Pizza & Grill offers both types on our menu! The most popular options? Thin Crispy Crust and Sourdough Pizza Dough.

The Sauce:

No one likes a pizza without sauces, so there should be plenty of sauce to go around when creating an artisan pizza. And, Gilan Pizza & Grill offers a variety of sauces to suit every taste!


Cheese is all about each individual’s preference, and luckily Gilan Pizza & Grill has plenty of options available! The most popular choice seems to be Mozzarella – which should come as no surprise being the classic option in traditional pizzas – but we offer a variety of other cheeses as well (including vegan).


For toppings, there is an abundance of options available. We boast of over 20 different veggies available, including wild mushrooms, grilled chard leeks, honey drunken sun-dried tomatoes, and beets.

Pizza Dough:

I think it’s valid to say that pizza dough is one of the most important parts of a good pizza. The crust is the foundation of flavor and texture so it has to be as delicious as possible.


  1. High hydration dough: We prefer to use a dough that is around 75% hydration. This will encourage a lot of gas bubbles, a chewy crust and a complex flavor. Although it won’t make the dough sticky which will eventually lead to complications. The dough will also have enough structure to be shaped into a pizza and slid off the peel.
  2. Long bulk fermentation: a small amount of yeast and a slow fermentation will help develop flavor and strength. This pizza dough ferments for about 6 hours at room temperature. For maximum flavor, we let it slowly ferment in the fridge for up to 2 days.
  3. A surface that can get really hot: This could be a baking steel, pizza stone, inverted baking sheet or cast iron pan. These surfaces are preheated in the oven to absorb as much heat as possible. The result is a gorgeous artisan pizza with a crackly crisp crust and spots of char.

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